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                         Purpose for the Training Council:
To equip members and family for fruitful and fulfilling service through the church school, Sabbath schools, and training programs
To equip the community for a better life through workshops and training events 
To develop a team that will facilitate ongoing creativity  within the congregation and the community
To assist in communicating spiritual training principles
To facilitates the utilization of spiritual gifts and talents within the church and the community
To monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of gift usage and look for areas of improvement or opportunities

Discovery of issues and principles relevant to teaching methods, roles and responsibilities of members, offices of the church, and the best tools for reaching the community
Assessment of training needs and resources for proper equipping
Envision the potential skill levels for the church and community in the following groups:
     Families (with small children, teens, empty nesters)
     Young adults
     Older adults
Develop and implement a training ministry strategy

Members possessing the spiritual gifts of Exhortation, Knowledge, Teaching, Writing, and Evangelism (http://www.spreadinglight.com/biblestudy/gifts/practical.html)
                          Qualities sought:
     Spiritual unity
     Passion for learning outcomes
     Creativity and the ability to vision
     Be in touch with the congregation
     Commitment of time and gifts
     Ability to contribute in a constructive way

                           Possible Ministry Areas:
Children’s S.S. Ministry
Youth S.S. Ministry
Adult S.S. Ministry
S.S. Extension Ministries
Pathfinder Ministry
School Ministry
Vacation Bible School Ministry
Spiritual Life Ministry
Prayer Vigils
Spiritual Adventures
Bible Retreats
Ministry Recruitment
Ministries Weekend
Ministries Booth
Communication of needs & opportunities
Family Life Ministry
Marriage Enrichment
Family Enrichment
Parenting Skills
Communication Ministry
Inquirer Ministries
Personal Bible Studies
Correspondence Study

Chris Kober
Phone: (518) 793-0867

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