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                          Purpose for Worship Council:
To assist with planning meaningful worship for members as evangelistic outreach
To develop a creative working team that continually researches and guides the church in worship for the needs of the congregation and the community
To assist in the planning, creation, and oversight of worship services, the sanctuary and its surrounding areas
To assist in communicating worship principles
To facilitate increased participation of members and extended family
To monitor visitors' responses and look for areas of improvement

Discovery of issues and principles relevant to worship
Assessment of worship needs and experience
Envision where worship experience should or could be
Develop and implement a strategy for enhancing worship experience and participation

Members possessing the spiritual gifts of Artistry, Music, Wisdom, and Faith (http://www.spreadinglight.com/biblestudy/gifts/practical.html)

                         Qualities sought:
Spiritual unity
Passion for meaningful worship
Creativity and the ability to vision
Be in touch with the congregation
Commitment of time and gifts
Ability to contribute in a constructive way

                          Possible Ministry Areas:
Music Ministry
Bell Choirs
Chorus Teams
Sound Ministry
Creative Arts Ministry
Art/Prop Work
Multimedia Design
Video Production
Floral Work
Vespers Ministry
Library/Tape Ministry
Fellowship Ministries
Greeter/Foyer Ministry
Welcome Ministry
Bulletin Ministry

Rich Nims
Phone: (518) 793-7116

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